Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Know Where Those Hands Have Been

This past Sunday's Family Fun involved fishing.  For A. and Cubby, obviously, not Charlie and me.  MY fun was getting a milkshake before the fishing.  I'm much more into ice cream than impaling worms on a hook and dealing with flopping fish.


After watching Cubby play with the worms for about ten minutes, and then fondle the bluegills that A. caught--including minute examination of the eyes and opening and closing the mouth--I was very reluctant to take his hand to walk back to the car.

Yesterday I turned around in the garden to find him squishing a slug in his fingers.  Lovely.

Soon Charlie will be right there with him, with the filthy hands and the mud on the pants and the dirt on the cheeks.  I don't suppose it's just a boy thing, but I bet it mostly is.


Anonymous said...

Bleech. Thank goodness humans are washable!


Anke said...

It's not just a boy thing. When our youngest was 4, she came home from a field trip with her jacket pockets FILLED with slugs! She promptly unloaded them into the garden where they proceeded to decimate the tomatoes. :-(

mil said...

Bad genetics. I used to have a little metal cup in which I collected worms, tent caterpillars, etc. Basically anything disgusting. And though I don't remember the event, when our next door neighbor challenged me to eat a slug, I did it. Or at least I was teased for about ten years for having done it -- the teasing I remember, but not the slug.

Daisy said...

All that hands-on curiosity may yield a farmer or a scientist. Maybe he'll get a PhD and support his Blackrock parents in the manner to which they'd love to become accustomed.

Anonymous said...

He won't be able to support his parents if he gets a PhD! Perhaps if he works for the Centers for Disease Control. Mary in MN