Friday, October 26, 2012

Far Be It from Me To Leave You Hanging

Because I know you were all out there pounding your desks and yelling at your computer screens, "But what about the rooster?  Did he make it?  WE MUST KNOW!"

Or maybe that's my imagination again?  Whatever, I'm happy to tell you that the rooster has been steadily improving ever since returning from his attempted abduction and this morning, I heard him crow.  It was sort of a weak crow, but it was a definite sign that no damn fox is going to get this rooster down.  You think you can kill a rooster by breaking his bones and puncturing his throat?  HAHA!  He spits in your wily little face, fox.

I would also like to announce that there is STILL part of that mushroom in our refrigerator.  Given its size, it is perhaps not surprising that we can eat mushroom things for almost a week and still have a quarter of a mushroom left, but still.  It's the mushroom that never ends.  I dig it.  They should sell mushrooms this size at the store.  Though it is entirely possible I'm the only one who would buy them.

And on an unrelated note, we're in the process of deciding which mountain man Cubby is going to be for Halloween.  I mean, you KNOW he has to wear the coonskin cap for Halloween, right?  And everyone will assume he's Davy Crocket, but there's a whole bunch of other awesome mountain men he could claim to be.  Should he be Jeremiah Johnson?  Jim Bridger?  Or Jedediah Smith?  A.'s favorite is Jim Bridger. I vote for Jedediah, but only because I like saying the name.  Cubby doesn't care; he just wants to be some guy who traps.

What say you, duckies?  If you have a minute, go read up on those guys and tell us which one you think deserves to be honored by Cubby's Halloween costume.


Anonymous said...

What about Grizzly Adams? Daniel Boone?
Would he rather people would guess who he was or would he rather stump them?
Whichever one you choose, make sure he has a bear strapped to his back.:) Maybe check the Goodwill (or similar) store for a fur coat or something else appropriate. Can you tell I love the idea?
While perusing the interwebs for the guys you mentioned I see the National Park Service has a mountain man handbook.
That Jeremiah Johnson was based on a real guy who went by Liver Eating Johnson!

Cool beans. Beth

Anonymous said...

What about Grizzly Adams or Daniel Boone? Whoever you choose make sure you strap a bear to his back.
Check the Goodwill (or similar store) for a fur coat maybe.
I love the idea.
While looking them up I came across the fact that Jeremiah Johnson went by "Liver Eating" Johnson....Cubby does like his liver.
Would he rather people guess who he is or to stump them? Beth

Anonymous said...

Jedediah was born in Bainbridge NY, not so very far from you. So, my vote is of course for Jed.

Cheers--- Mikey

Becky said...

Forget all those guys--I vote for Fess Parker...sigh....

Phoo-D said...

I've always been a fan of Jeremiah Johnson, although he had a pretty rough life, so perhaps another mountain man would be more appropriate.

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

Jeremiah Johnson. Definitely.

BTW - that mushroom should be renamed the "Chernobyl Special". Good Lord.