Thursday, March 7, 2013

Is This a Hint?

After a casual conversation with Mr. Jason about aquaponics (basically, growing fish and vegetables in a water system), he said he would bring me a book he had read about it.

Then he showed up yesterday with two books about the subject, plus the information from a seminar he attended about it.

Mr. Jason lives in an apartment near a city, but he has the interests of a country dweller.  I suspect he's hoping we'll get interested in aquaponics and try it out here on our country estate (HAHA).  And knowing A., if he studies the various systems involved in aquaponics and starts imagining how he could make them from spare bits of junk in the milk barn and chicken wire or whatever, we might end up with an enormous fish tank of tilapia in the Pit of Despair and some tomatoes growing in fish poop.

Personally, I could do without it.  I'm okay with my tomatoes grown in soil.

And speaking of which!   Only a few more weeks before the tomato seeds get planted!  TOMATO CRAZY, HERE WE COME!

But not aqua Tomato Crazy.  That's too crazy even for me.


ChiotsRun said...

I'm with you, I prefer my food grown in soil. I must admit, I've read up on aquaponics and it's interesting, but seems like a lot of work. We're thinking of doing things a little more naturally, build a pond, add some bluegills and let nature do it's thing. We might fish our bluegills to feed to the chickens, we might not. Either way, I'll have a nice little pond and then I can plant a water garden around it.

Haley said...

I've heard that it's very difficult to get grow fish in a tank that actually taste good instead of like garbage. Apparently it requires a lot of water changing.

But I have no firsthand experience of this, so I could be wrong. In fact, I'm pretty sure my only knowledge on the subject comes from an anecdote that my brother heard somewhere, so you should probably just ignore me.

Daisy said...

Are you starting your tomato seeds indoors? I have my seeds and my potting soil, and I have not had a moment to spare to plant them.

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

As a small confession we city dwellers are always trying to scam on your land. Asking to do all sorts of Tom foolery. Such as - keeping a breeding rooster, keeping a couple of hogs and/or goats or asking to erect a small greenhouse for advanced seed propagation.
It's shameful. But surrounded by concrete we get desperate.
Btw - aqua phonics can be cool and I wanna get into it but the construction seems so....complicated. Why bother when you can spread chicken and sheep shit around and grow things the old fashioned way!?!