Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Been There

Having a second child means getting to experience a lot of things all over again. There are the good things that I'm delighted to get to experience again (first smile, learning to clap, utter delight at successfully taking a step) and then there are the things where I'm all, "Oh God, this again."

Like today, with the baby not napping. And not napping. And GIVE IT UP, CHARLIE, you've been awake for five hours already and your eyes are rolling back in your head, not napping.

Like this. All over again.

Except in Charlie's case, it was his emerging teeth that prevented him from sleeping, not whatever mysterious thing kept Cubby awake for a couple of mornings when he was around a year old. Whatever the cause, the end result is the same: Seriously pissed-off baby and a weary mother.

He's asleep now, though. Sweet relief for all.


tu mere said...

Sorry you can't nap as well.

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

Yes. The no sleep thing is it's own special kind of torture.

It's good you work from home - can you imagine commuting to a job outside the home and having to do the no sleep thing AND the "I'm pretending to work" thing?

Thank the stars for strong coffee. With jersey milk. Which I have not yet experienced yet and am trying to track down based upon your recommendation.