Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's a Cliffhanger

A. and Cubby were supposed to go camping yesterday. A. had been planning on it all week, had told Cubby about it in the morning, and had decided to camp on the beach so that Charlie would be able to go too but also get home easily should the whole "staying the night in a tent without Mommy" not go over so well with him.

But then Cubby fell asleep in the living room at 5 p.m. We thought he was sick, though he didn't seem to have any symptoms of anything other than crankiness. When I carried him upstairs to his bed at 7 p.m., he woke up, demanding food and a shower (his new favorite activity) and books.

So I guess he wasn't sick, just really tired.

Anyway, that was why A. rashly promised him they could go camping tonight instead. He just can't bear Cubby to be disappointed.

So despite the disgusting heat today and the fact that tomorrow is a workday and the fact that A. is really tired already and has no desire whatsoever to go camping, he agreed to take Cubby.

A. decided to take him up in the hills to a pine forest where it will presumably be cooler. A. tried to convince Cubby it would be fun to just do some day camping: go up there, cook dinner, play in the forest and all, but come home for bed. Because that way Mommy and Charlie can come too, Cubby! Won't that be FUN!

No, said Cubby. I don't want them to come. I want to camp.


So after naps, A. loaded up the car and I got Cubby dressed in his forest clothes (long pants, long sleeves, and shoes, heat be damned because that child gets eaten alive by bugs if not covered), put together their food package and went outside with Charlie to see them off.

Which is when Cubby decided he wanted Charlie to come too, and Charlie started wailing and flinging himself at the car, desperate to not be left behind. Presented with a united front, A. caved and said he would take Charlie too.

The man is certifiable. Also a sucker*.

A. tried to prepare Cubby for the probability that Charlie would get hysterical at some point and need to be brought home, which would be the end of the camping. I think A. is secretly hoping that will happen, and that may be one reason he took Charlie.

I will be shocked if Charlie stays the whole night there. I expect the car to pull up around 7 p.m. with one hysterical toddler and one pissed-off little boy. Although Cubby constantly surprised me when he was younger with his ability to do things I never expected he would be okay with, so maybe Charlie will surprise me too.

Will he or won't he? Stay tuned to find out.

And in the meantime, I am alone in the house with the air conditioner running upstairs. I plan to retire to my bed with a book and bask in the quiet. Even if it doesn't last.

* Though really, I have to give him serious props for even attempting this. No one could ever accuse A. of not indulging his children.


Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK! I hope that you don't see them until breakfast! Mary in MN

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful--dad and sons get to play in the woods, and mom gets a day and night off (we all hope...).

Enjoy your evening to yourself!

Sherry said...

I'm betting they stay the night!

tu mere said...

A. really is the best dad of camping age children around. Enjoy the reprieve and summer. Even though it's hot, think how much fun this winter will be after the wee one is born. See, summer heat doesn't seem so bad now, does it?

Sherry said...

So. . . did the campers return in the middle of the night or did all go well? I'll bet they return in time for breakfast just bursting with stories of their adventure!