Monday, October 6, 2014

Worth Waiting For

Due to many incredibly boring computer issues, I haven't been accessing the photos on my camera. However, I finally sat down and figured out how to get the photos off my memory card and on to A.'s weird Chromebook (they don't run on Windows, so everything is very different). And what a good thing I did, because just look what I was saving for you!

This one time when I decided to get all Pinterest-y with a tea party I had with the children on a rainy and grumpy-boring morning:


Personally, I find food faces to be frightening, but I was just trying to get them to eat lunch without any drama. Actually, as I recall, what I was really trying to do was get them to come inside for lunch without any drama because we had been outside for two hours on a very damp, cold morning playing with rubber worms in the shed and I was SO OVER IT. So I lured them in with the promise of a tea party (always a popular activity around here) AND a special snack to go with their tea.

Hence, the freaky food face. They loved it, though.

They also, as always, loved their tea. Cubby has the exclusive use of an individual-sized tea pot plus a small sugar bowl and tiny cream pitcher* so he can pour and mix up his own tea.

Pretty sure the sugar bowl is the main attraction, even if it does only have about two teaspoons of sugar in it because I am a Mean Mom.

Charlie hasn't yet caught on that he doesn't get all the fun accouterments. As long as he has his delicate teacup and saucer, plus a spoon for stirring, he's cool.

He prefers the rose-patterned tea set, but will accept the butterflies if necessary.

I always laugh when I see pictures of other kids "playing" tea party. I can just imagine Cubby and Charlie's reaction to little plastic cups with no actual tea. It would not be well received.

There! Aren't you glad I finally figured out how to get some pictures on here? I know I just made your Monday. You're welcome.

* The MiL tends to collect these sorts of things, which is why we have them. They weren't purchased specifically for Cubby or anything, although he certainly considers them his personal property by now.


FinnyKnits said...

Dude. You are probably the bravest mother I know - giving real tea cups and saucers with real tea and sugar and cream to little boys.

My mom was a fan of the plastic tea set and No You May Not Have Water Because You'll Just Spill It Everywhere approach and so we abandoned tea parties early on.

It's no fun without the tea.

Or the freaky snack faces.

mil said...

Pretty odd bits of old china find their finest uses in the hands of grandchildren.

Becky said...

Oh my--perhaps I'm especially susceptible because my own little grand guy is coming tomorrow, but these are just the sweetest pictures. It also reminds my of the story of my mother serving her mother's guests "tea" with her little tea set. My grandmother did not realize until too late that the only water source little Anne could reach by herself was the toilet...

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, I want to come to tea. But not with Becky's mother!

Mary in MN

tu mere said...

See, you do have a whimsical side to you. Not scary at all - just fun. It's really hard when you're being slammed with noise, constant need for activity, and lack of sleep to care about being creative.

And, in the house where no plastic is allowed, yep, it has to be the real stuff!