Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Crushing on the Washing Machine

Last week I had our small-appliance repair guy--a high school classmate of the MiL's, because this is Small Town America--come to clean out our seriously underperforming dryer.

While he was here, I mentioned that we were going to be getting a new washing machine soon, since our current washing machine was purchased very used for $90 about ten years ago. And it wasn't really getting the clothes very clean anymore. And it didn't spin them particularly dry, either.

Basically, a clear loser.

Bob the repair guy (yes, that is his real name) said that he always recommends a brand called Speed Queen, available at the locally owned appliance store we always go to in the Small City.

Bob has been fixing washing machines longer than I've been alive. If he recommends a particular brand, I'm gonna buy it.

So A. went to the appliance store on his lunch break and took a look at the Speed Queen. The display for it featured a look at the inside gears and things of the Speed Queen versus the more common brands. The Speed Queen is all steel. The other ones are all plastic. Also, the Speed Queen has no electronic button pad; it's all sturdy knobs. That don't break.

Hello, my pretty. Nice knobs.

Oh, and it's still made in the U.S.

In addition, Speed Queen makes the machines that are used in laundromats. And by the Army. And, according to the salesman at the appliance store, the local dairy farms buy Speed Queens.

Well, I think that kind of machine could handle the level of filth generated by the inhabitants of Blackrock. I mean, we might not be at dairy-farm level grossness, but it can get pretty bad around here.

And finally, most machines for home use have an average life of eight years. The Speed Queen will hold up for 15 even with commercial use (so they say), and 25 years with home use.


A. bought it. It cost a few hundred dollars more than a cheap machine at Home Depot or wherever, but I have to think it will be worth it.

It was delivered yesterday. I haven't used it much yet, obviously, so I can't say if it will live up to the hype, but I must say I'm quite excited about the idea of it. It will be nice to have really clean clothes. That's all I really ask from a washing machine. And I think the Speed Queen will deliver.

And no, I have no affiliation with this brand and had never heard of it until Bob the repair guy tipped me off, so this is not sponsored. 


Jen said...

My aunt has worked in a small town appliance store for the past 30 years. Our entire family now uses Speed Queen washers due to her recommendations. They are very well made.
Enjoy your new washing machine!

Anonymous said...

Good information; thanks. The salesmen all say--"they're all the same and they aren't built to last." Thanks; that's helpful....[not]

I'm very glad to hear of a brand that is built to last; when it's time to buy again, I'll remember this.

Melinda said...

Well you SOLD me. I just checked and I can buy that here in OKC. Im still going strong with my Maytag (18 years old) but this will be a high consideration when I look again!

Daisy said...

It's worth the investment to get a good quality machine.

Anonymous said...

OK, several posts about "nesting" followed by several days of silence.

Any bets that the new baby has arrived (or is on his way)?

Mary Bingham said...

There is NO comparison to a Speed Queen! I had the newest models for years...and at Christmas, it took 12 hours for one of those to "sense" when to spin, when to wash, how much water....12 hours for THREE loads of wash! I bought a Speed Queen that week and the dryer too...a five year everything covered warrenty with them, but the guy said "if you break it, you will be the first" This thing is AMAZING!!! It washes HUGE loads in 30 minutes and gets them clean....I will never own a different brand!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristin. After a few months what do you think? Would you still have purchased this washer?