Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Will She or Won't She?

There is obviously a burning curiosity among you--based on the, um, one of you who asked--about the garden this year.

The short answer: We got a CSA subscription for the summer.

Obviously, that means that I am not planning on growing the majority of our vegetables myself this year. In fact, I'm not planting anything.

I know. Sad.

I really had to do it. Because the long answer is that I have not enough time nor physical stamina to deal with our excessively large garden, which has been pretty much choked by weeds in the past few neglected years. A. set up electric fencing around half the garden and the ducklings are out there, for weed and pest control purposes. The MiL will plant potatoes in the rest of the garden, I think.

I thought about putting a few things like lettuce or pole beans in a random raised bed we have at the edge of the garden, but the deer have gotten so aggressive recently that I figured they would just eat anything I put out there. So I won't even do that.

Literally the only thing I'm planning on putting in dirt is a single tomato plant in a pot by the kitchen door. I am not particularly happy about this, and I so wish I had the time and the strength to work in the garden, but, well, I don't. I've finally accepted that I need a summer off, and hopefully next year I'll get back to it, with a less weedy and somewhat workable garden.

Oh, and someone else wanted an update about the washing machine. Truthfully, I've been having some issues with the soaking off and cleaning of mud, which I do a lot, obviously, and which was kind of the main reason I wanted a good washing machine. The water level on the soaking setting doesn't seem to get to the top of the machine, so I can't fill the machine with dirty clothes to soak. I've never actually read the manual for the machine, so it's possible it will tell me that it can only be filled partway or something.

I guess we're too dirty even for a Speed Queen.

And, um, that's it. Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

You certainly deserve a summer off! Soon those boys will be big enough to help with the garden. Mary in MN

tu mere said...

Guess there was a reason for the ducklings other than they're cute and the sheep are gone. Wonder if they provide some play outlet for the boys. Probably not.

Everything in good time. Aren't you glad you really aren't living the Laura Winger Dinger life. No garden wouldn't really be an option, although you'd probably have a different family dynamic. Your dad and I would be living close to help out? Not.

Lindsey @ Half Dime Homestead said...

It's like - just because we do a thing doesn't mean we ALWAYS have to do that thing! Just cause you chose to plant in years past doesn't mean it's an automatic for this year.
I think you are wise - support a farmer, get great food handpicked and ready to go and not have to bend over all summer. Then stand around a damp kitchen in September while you preserve it all.
You're growing people, now. Times change and we must change with it.
Although I was looking forward to the tomato crazy post.