Wednesday, May 13, 2015

And Then the Trees Fell Down

We had a Major Storm on Monday. If not a small tornado, then something very close. It was very localized, basically only affecting the houses on the lake for about four miles. I was inside with the children, having been driven in by the sound of thunder, and we watched the rain start. Then the wind started to pick up. Then it hailed and rained harder and the wind got violent and then trees fell.

When we went outside to inspect the damage after the storm was over, we found a lot of it.

This tulip poplar by the driveway uprooted and landed on a power line. Thankfully, the line held, but we obviously lost power.

Our driveway turned into a many-branched river.

A lake formed at the bottom of the paddock and overflowed onto the road.

The tiny creek in the hollow became a pond, (can you spot the happy ducks in this photo?) and a Kentucky coffee bean tree fell over.

Happy boys running to inspect this exciting new lake.

The people trying to drive on the road on the other side of this sudden lake were not so happy.

The top quarter of a horse chestnut tree by the driveway snapped off.

And three-quarters of the maple tree near the north corner of the front porch twisted right off. I cannot express how grateful we are that it did not land on the porch.

It makes a wonderful jungle gym.

We were without power for about eight hours and without cable and Internet capabilities until this afternoon. We have one hell of a mess to clean up out there, and it will take us many, many hours.

But. (And this is a big, huge, grateful but.)

No one was injured. The house sustained no damage. Nothing fell across the bottom part of the driveway, so access to the house hasn't been blocked. 

And we have a really good start on next winter's firewood.


Drew @ How To Cook Like Your Grandmother said...

And the boys probably think this is just about the bestest thing they've ever seen. Just wait 'til Daddy gets out the chainsaw.

Sherry said...

A real mess, but you are right - no one was hurt and your house wasn't damaged. And it gave the boys some excitement!

Anonymous said...

SO glad that everyone is OK!

Tara said...

Wow that's some storm! Glad you are all safe and sound!

Sister’s Sailor said...

Remind A that we will be up in a month and I can muster 3 "able" bodies to help with the cutting, splitting, and stacking of wood. I'm not too sure if I can bring up my chainsaw or axe though, TSA might have a hissy-fit!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Thank God indeed. And I second the above invitation - we are glad to help with clearing when we are up next month!

Daisy said...

You're right on, as usual. No one hurt, no damage to house, and life is good. I hope the clean-up goes well.