Thursday, August 20, 2015

No-Regrets A/C

Some of you may remember that when Charlie was born three years ago, A. purchased a window-unit air conditioner to put upstairs in our house. It was the first-ever cooling device at Blackrock, and there was no small amount of guilt about putting it in. The indulgence! The energy waste!

The bliss.

We have discovered that this particular energy-smart unit is enough to cool all the bedrooms we sleep in upstairs, as well as the parlor downstairs. Thanks to the many, many doors in our home, we can control where the cool air goes quite easily. This means that not only can we sleep now when the weather is unbearable, but I have a refuge during the day. When it's really hot, I leave the air conditioner on (on a higher temperature setting) so we can go into the parlor to play or read in relative comfort.

Having that one room downstairs to escape to when I've spent the rest of the day cooking and sweating, or doing laundry and sweating, or chasing children and sweating, or just sweating and sweating and sweating some more, is an immeasurable relief. I would even go so far as to say it makes me a better person.

Plus, the air conditioner actually uses about the same amount of electricity as the numerous fans we used to run in every room to make the house bearable.

If I could beatify my air conditioner, I would. Instead, I'll just give it a hearty thank you. And maybe a hug, because I can get more cold air that way.


tu mere said...

Who would have thought that that little window unit would be so effective and efficient. Great for you!

Daisy said...

Amazing, isn't it? Long ago, when Amigo was a toddler with asthma, we bought a room A/C unit for our duplex. We did what you're doing: opened and closed doors to funnel the cool air where we wanted it. It was amazing how much of a difference that window unit made in our small rental home - and the difference it made in Amigo's health.

Sherry said...

Do you still have your huge garden? Either I've missed it or I haven't seen any posts on that. I really envied you for all the fresh vegetables but my back hurt thinking of all the work involved!

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Sherry: We still have it, but the only things in it were garlic, leeks, shallots, and potatoes. We got a CSA share for this summer. I needed a break.