Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Report

When I asked Cubby what happened at school yesterday, the first thing he said was, "You thought my pear would last until lunch, but it didn't. It had brown spots on it and the juice got all over."

Okay. Anything besides the pear? "You forgot to send an umbrella for me."*

When A. and the MiL asked how his day was? "Great!"

I may not ask anymore if all I'm going to get is recriminations.

* Not true. It was in his backpack, which his teacher unpacked for him to put everything away. Cubby refused to believe that I had, in fact, sent the all-important umbrella. But this morning when we got to school . . . what's that hanging on your hook, Cubby? Why, I do believe it's the umbrella THAT I TOTALLY PUT IN YOUR BACKPACK. Ungrateful child.

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tu mere said...

Yep, moms definitely get no respect! And it really doesn't get much better until they're almost all grown up. At least we know how great we are.