Saturday, January 9, 2016

A New/Old Childhood Soundtrack

When I was young, my mom used to put on two records (yes, the actual rad vinyl) when we were doing our required chores, I suppose to make it more fun: Michael Jackson's Thriller and the Footloose soundtrack.

Child of the 80s? Why, yes. Yes, I am.

The songs from those two records bring me right back to my childhood (and my chores). And now I am providing a soundtrack for my own children to take a trip down memory lane someday: Billy Idol's Greatest Hits.

Nope, totally not kidding. If I have learned one thing in my six years of parenting three children, it's that every child loves "Dancing with Myself*." All of mine do, anyway. Including Jack, who gets right up on his knees and waves his arms around when it comes on.

That CD stays in the stereo upstairs, so whenever we need a change of scene, we head upstairs to turn on their dance music and let them run around like maniacs in the upstairs hall. We don't usually get to "Flesh for Fantasy," which is obviously not something I want lyric-conscious Cubby to start asking me questions about, but the rest of it is ambiguous enough for little kids.

They can't resist the beat. And few things in life--well, in my life, anyway--are more amusing than watching small boys bust out their best dance moves to "Mony, Mony."

Of such things are childhood memories made.

* I just looked up the original video for this song to link to, and WOAH, BILLY. Never going to show that one to my children. Billy Idol was into creepy zombies 30 years before they were the big thing, apparently. 


tu mere mere said...

Awesome way to expend energy. Now, all you need is to schedule some chores and you're golden. OK, may be a bit early for that, but it will happen!

Anonymous said...

I used to clean to The Village People music! Mary in MN