Tuesday, January 26, 2016

All Different, But All the Same

Jack may be notably different than his big brothers in some ways (a notably better crawler, for one thing--go, Speed Crawler, go!), but there are some universals when it comes to babies.

To wit:

This is the cabinet they have all raided when I lock them in the kitchen with me so I can make dinner.

Yes, I know what you're doing, Jack. Not that I care, as long as you're occupied while I'm cooking.

Don't bother fleeing the scene of the destruction, Speed Crawler. I know it was you. It's cool. It's a tradition. See below.

Same pots and pans, same cabinet, different baby (that's baby Charlie).


Anonymous said...

Clearly this is an important project for each of them!

tu mere mere said...

What's not to like. Handles/knobs for grasping, mostly indestructible material, great sounds, and a mom who obviously doesn't mind the mess/inconvenience. Nice pots, by the way.