Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Charlie woke me up last night at 11 a.m., shrieking that he was hot and needed water. What this usually means is that he is sick, though he didn't have a fever or anything.

Fifteen minutes later, he was shrieking that he was "fweezin'." And fifteen minutes after that, the phone rang with the fun news that the MiL's car had broken down and she needed to be picked up at the garage in the next village over.

Thanks for making sure I was awake, Charlie!

After I got back from picking up the MiL, I was lying in bed (for HOUUUURRRSS--I am not one of those people who can wake up and go right back to sleep) contemplating the probability that Charlie would wake up sick this morning. That would mean two things: 1) He would probably be having a meltdown every half an hour, because that's what Sick Charlie does, and 2) He would not be going to school.

It's supposed to rain all day. The prospect of being home with Sick Charlie all day in a gloomy house while rain poured down was enough to keep me awake with dread longer than I should have been awake.

But! Just to show that good things do happen in this world, Charlie woke up chipper and apparently completely healthy. He's at school. Cubby is at school. Jack is asleep.

It is gloomy in the house, and it is pouring rain, but Sick Charlie never showed up this morning. Clouds with silver linings all over the place.

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tu mere mere said...

Too bad you didn't get your dad's nap gene. Bet your exercise routine was fun the AM.