Thursday, March 17, 2016

I Hate It When I Do This

Cleaning out our woodstove, no matter how carefully it's done, inevitably results in a layer of fine ash on every surface of the dining room. This is why I usually plan ahead to do my dusting the day I clean it out (or, um, the day after, if I'm lazy).

We haven't been using the woodstove all that much, though, with the periods of warm weather we've been having, so I haven't been paying as much attention to it. I dusted yesterday. Then I realized today that it's going to be cold again starting tonight, and the woodstove needed to be cleaned out for the coming continuous use.

So I cleaned it out. And now I have to dust again. Dammit.


Anonymous said...

In the words of the MIL, who wisely reminded me, "Life is disappointing." I am not sure that she would agree now, but I would. Mary in MN

Daisy said...

How long until the boys can take on those tasks? Can't be too far off - they're growing like weeds!

tu mere mere said...

Dusting wouldn't be such a chore if you didn't have so many things on surfaces to dust around, over, and on. Of course, that's what comes of a house 100+ years old that's been continually lived in by the same family. Same with Duchess and Holy's, except for the age. Really hated dusting there as well.