Monday, March 28, 2016

The Return of the Easter Vest

A few days ago when I was searching for something else, I came upon a Classic Baby Cubby photo.


That photo was taken on Easter when Cubby was almost exactly Jack's age. It reminded me that I probably had that sweater vest somewhere in the box of current clothing for Jack, so I quickly rummaged through the box when it was time to put Jack in some kind of respectable holiday clothing for the family gathering, and . . .

Totally made my day to find it and put it on this kid.

Before that, however, we all wore our usual stained and worn-out clothes for Easter egg hunting and basket finding.

Poor Jack had the lamest Easter basket: A toy plane, a toy turtle, and two small boxes of raisins. Sucks being the baby sometimes.

Cubby and Charlie fared better; they got chocolate.

And some work gloves that looked a bit disturbing dangling out of their baskets.

But the chocolate was of course the first thing to be examined. And disposed of.

It was a beautiful day with lots of chocolate, various baked goods, and some digging in the stream to make a dam. Plus a baby in an argyle sweater vest. Easter doesn't get much better than that.


Anonymous said...

Such a great photo of Baby Cubby! Mary in MN

tu mere mere said...

I remember that vest. Nothing like a stroll back on memory lane to make a day. It's good that Jack doesn't know that his basket was lacking cause, for Jack, it wasn't. Next year will be different, so enjoy this non judgemental time in his life. Cubby and Charlie's hair is visible again, so that's good as well.

Daisy said...

Classic moments in parenting. Love the vest!