Monday, April 11, 2016

Random, Here We Come

Last week when I was making dinner and holding Jack at the same time, I used a fork to take a taste of what I was cooking and managed to stab myself in the corner of the mouth. Not one of my more coordinated moments, but I'll blame it on the toddler weighing down one side of me that put me off balance.


This is a terrible place for a little cut, because of course it never really scabs over and is just kind of there, forever. Well, not forever, but it's been like five days now and it still hurts. Plus, I can't really camouflage it, so it kind of looks like I have a cold sore or something. Pretty.

I went freezer diving this morning and decided I'd better haul out one of the ENORMOUS pork shoulder roasts that are sitting on top of everything else in the cellar freezer. The last pig we had slaughtered was a relatively old sow, and so the resulting roasts are huge. HUGE.

It barely fit in our biggest roasting pan.

I either have to have a party for about twenty people to eat all this at once, or freeze some of it. Probably gonna go with freezing. It would be kind of nice to have some pulled pork in the freezer for those wretched hot days of summer when the last thing I want to do is turn on any heat source for cooking. How long do you think it will take to cook a roast the size of Jack? Probably at least twelve hours, I'm guessing.

'Kay, I'd better go do some laundry. A. took Cubby and Charlie fishing yesterday for the first time this year, and of course Cubby fell in and returned with soaking wet clothes plastered in mud. No fish, though.

Peace out.


Daisy said...

Love the planning ahead aspect! My planned-overs are incredibly valuable when it's hot or when I'm putting in extra time at school or whenever... well, whenever.

tu mere said...

Sorry, but the fork stabbing thing made me laugh. Not really laugh out loud, that would be rude, just a nice chuckle. And that's with a miserable cold that just won't give up. See, you're helping someone and you didn't even know it. Oh, and I'm sure A. will have a great time putting a dent in that huge slab of pork. Too bad your dad isn't there to help - right.