Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Moment

There I was in the kitchen, making dinner and listening for any further shrieking from the living room that meant that Charlie had knocked over Cubby's block tower again, or that Cubby had picked Charlie up and dropped him on his back because Charlie wouldn't stop saying "bicycle" over and over again, or that Charlie and Cubby had knocked Jack over because he wouldn't leave their cars alone.

You know. The usual dinner-making shenanigans.

But then . . . silence. The door to the living room was closed and I couldn't hear any sounds of strife. So of course I immediately assumed that Jack had turned the TV on (buttons! whee!) and Cubby and Charlie had shut the door so they could watch a little illicit Wild Kratts*.

So I opened the door, fully prepared to scold them and . . . they were sitting quietly on the couch. Cubby looked up and said, "I'm reading a book to Charlie to calm him down."

Oh. Well. Just carry on with your heartbreakingly adorable brotherly love moment while I slink back into the kitchen. Sniff.

* This is a cartoon on PBS that I do not let them watch, because it's supposed to be about animals, but there are bad guys who talk like jerks and WHY, WHY PBS do you have a cartoon about animals that has smart talk in it that of course my children will imitate? Why not just show the animals?


Zoe in NZ said...

Sounds like the process of making dinner at my house. People think girls are so different but this sounds remarkably familiar- maybe a little less throwing each other down, but a lot more shrieking than you mentioned.
You recently added a puppy to all this didn't you?
We are considering the same while we still have our lovely giant old dog around to show the puppy the is that working out for everyone?
I'm hesitant to add a puppy over winter where our functional living area shrinks to the two rooms that have heat!

Kristin @ Going Country said...

I wouldn't recommend it, especially in the winter. The puppy the MiL got is a pretty good puppy, as puppies go, but it's still a puppy, and thus, much like having another child around.

Anonymous said...

Having just gone through this last winter with a new puppy, I would say "Avoid it!" It's so much easier now that it's spring and our two dogs (4 years and 8 months) can spend much of their day outside. Mary in MN

tu mere said...

All those hours reading to the boys is paying off. Such a responsible older brother, sometimes.