Sunday, May 8, 2016

Gifts From the Heart

Both Cubby and Charlie came home from school on Thursday with Mother's Day gifts for me, all wrapped up and ready for today. Cubby has been asking every day since if it was Mother's Day yet. Upon hearing this morning that the blessed day had finally arrived, he ran off to get my gift and I brought out Charlie's gift too, so I could open them at the same time.

Charlie's gift was a bracelet made of plastic beads strung by his very own small hands. "Thank you, Charlie!" I said. "Should I wear it right now?"

"No," he said, reaching for it. "I'll wear it."

"I thought you made it for me," I said, trying not to laugh, because this was so very Charlie.

"I made it for everyone," he replied. "So I'll wear it so everyone can see it on me."

Right. The joy is in the giving for Charlie, obviously.

Next was Cubby's gift. It was a small wooden box in the shape of a treasure chest. Inside were ten little pieces of folded paper, on which Cubby had written the word "love." He explained that it was a kiss box with ten kisses inside, and when I missed him, I should take a kiss from the box.

Oh. Well, thanks for breaking my heart, Cubby's teacher. Sniff.

Further investigation revealed something glued to the bottom of the box, which, when the kisses were removed, turned out to be a photo of Cubby. And what a photo.

Will he kiss her or kill her? Stay tuned to find out!

Mother's Day gifts from little kids are the best. The end.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! That's some photo! And your story made me laugh! Mary in MN

Daisy said...

We still have ornaments our children "made" when they were young. My kiddos are now in their 20s, and those little gifts are priceless mementos.

Drew @ Cook Like Your Grandmother said...

Photo caption: "How YOU doin'?"