Friday, June 10, 2016

Days and Nights at Blackrock

Days filled with boys wielding sticks, dogs chewing on moldy bones, and a very dead red squirrel that got caught by the tail on a ripped-up gutter drain and was hanging upside down inside the drain. It had to be hauled out ever so carefully by the tail so it didn't fall right apart and stay in the drain forever.

That last one was way gross. I got to do the rodent removal, since I was the one who spied the little tuft of fur sticking out of the hole. I'm glad we have one less squirrel on the property, but it was a bad way to go for the squirrel. Not so pleasant for the clean-up crew, either.

Nights filled with . . . wait, am I sleeping? What a novel thing, to sleep at night! Except for that one night when the travel alarm clock went off at 2:58 a.m. because Charlie had found it somewhere and was pressing all the buttons and then obediently put it back in my room where I told him it was supposed to be. I nearly had a heart attack when the thing started beeping, but at least it didn't wake Jack up in the next room.

Today is Cubby's last day of school. Next week is Charlie's. We'll shortly have even more of the boys with sticks around to entertain us.

Perhaps "entertain" was not the best word choice.

Happy Friday, my lovelies! Go forth and be merry!

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tu mere said...

You're a much better person than I. Really feel sorry for the squirrel; absolutely terrible way to die. Attack by Black Rock pack would have been easier. Guess there isn't really a Black Rock pack anymore so there's that.

Ah, sleep. Great day to celebrate with a Friday libation. We'll clink beer mugs in Phoenix to your good fortune.