Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Earplugs for Everyone

Although a generally cheery and good-natured toddler, Jack has one situation in which he completely melts down: medical establishments. As soon as he senses a needle in the vicinity he starts thrashing and screaming his head off.

It's because he's had to have blood drawn several times for lead testing, and a couple of times the technicians were . . . less than skillful. I would scream too if someone was jamming a needle in my arm over and over and leaving a bruise as big as a quarter. And I probably wouldn't forget it anytime soon either, just like Jack.

Thanks for the lingering toddler trauma, ladies! Makes doctor visits super fun!

Like today's visit, for instance, which was just a routine check-up. As soon as the nurse came into the exam room, Jack started shrieking and trying to dive off my lap. She hadn't even touched him yet. After she did the measurements and left, I managed to calm him down, but then the doctor walked in. Same shrieking and struggling. And then again when the nurse came back for a vaccination.

It was way fun.

Oh well. At least I know there's nothing wrong with his memory.


tu mere said...

Poor Jack and Mommy as well as doctors and nurses. Can't think of anyone who likes having their body pierced, except may be the people who get bunches of tattoos. Guess that won't be Jack - all good.

Anonymous said...

Good post.