Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Celebrating the Day After with Vomit

A. is laid out on the davenport in the parlor, rendered out of commission by some kind of virus. Likely the same one that resulted in a vomit-covered Jack two days ago.

Cubby is huddled up on a mattress on the floor in the parlor*, vomit bowl at the ready. He already used it once this morning. Let's hope he doesn't need it again.

Charlie and Jack are so far okay, as am I. We all had it earlier, so I'm hoping none of us have a relapse. There's only so much virus-related fun I can take.

Happy Fifth of July! Vomit is much less festive than fireworks.

* I left it there after my niece left, because the kids enjoy bouncing around on it so much and it's kind of handy to have an indoor trampoline on hot days.


tu mere said...

Ok. Bad timing on my part to eat my runny egg while reading your blog, but then it's not really about me, is it. So sorry for everyone; where Jack got it to start this whole miserable cycle is probably anyone's guess. Stay vomit free, and keep everyone on track to health - that being your job and all.

Anonymous said...

Glad the mattress is still in use. Awesome fort area.
Good luck with the plague. Hopefully it's a quick one.

Anonymous said...