Saturday, July 16, 2016

It's a Christmas-in-July Miracle

Behold, the only photo ever taken in which every one of my children is smiling:

And not only my children, but my dad, too.

I took this in the van on the way to dinner at an actual restaurant when my parents were visiting. No one was smiling on the way home, because Charlie spent the whole way home writhing in his seat and shrieking, "Get me out of here NOW!"

But I have proof that for one short moment in time, everyone was happy. A miracle, indeed.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, a miracle, but good to see. Mary in MN

Anonymous said...

Seems perfect to enlarge, frame, and hang on a prominent wall so you can view it frequently! Glad you got to experience this.

tu mere said...

Truly awesome! Either the one taking the picture, I'm assuming you, or someone in close proximity, A. possibly, must have been doing something extra ordinary to elicit such a happy response. Yep, it's too much to ask to have both the drive out and back incident free.

Daisy said...

This photo is a keeper.