Tuesday, September 6, 2016

One Went To School, and Then There Were Two

"Okay, guys! Let's go outside to wait for the bus!"

"Wait, Cubby can I get a first-day-of-school picture of you?"

"Mia, get out of the way. Mia. MIA. Okay, well, Jack, can you stand with Cubby?"

They take direction well.

After a lot of, "Mia, come here. Come here. Stop knocking Jack down. MIA, COME HERE. Jack, go stand with your brothers. Can you stand with Cubby and Charlie? Take Cubby's hand, okay? Okay, Cubby and Charlie can you just go stand with him?"

A smile from all three was too much to ask.

"Cubby and Charlie, stop hitting each other with sticks. Stop menacing. STOP MENACING."

Pretty sure this won't fly at school.

So me and my coffee were all . . .

"Where's the bus? And why didn't I make more coffee this morning?"


Mia heard it, too.

Sure enough . . .

I guess we're the end of the line, because the bus turned around in our driveway. Which is not worrisome at all with a dog, a four-year-old, and a toddler racing around.

Godspeed, Cubby. May the school force be with you.


mil said...

School buses make me cry--wish I could have been there!

tu mere said...

How totally awesome. Sure hope Cubby has that same smile on his face when he comes home.