Thursday, October 20, 2016

After Due Consideration

On days like today, when it rains for hours and we spend a lot of time inside and the noise levels increase in proportion to the inches of rain that fall . . . then I have to make a decision. The question is this: Are the weather conditions outside more miserable than the children's conditions inside?

If it's just raining and not too cold, then no. So I put on my jacket with the hood up and go sit outside in the rain while the three musketeers run around getting soaking wet and whacking each other with sticks. It's damp, and it's cold, but it's better than inside. Because it's at least a little quieter and no one is physically climbing on my body.

Later in the winter, when the weather conditions involve below-zero temperatures, feet of snow, and serious wind chill, I may well decide it's preferable to stay inside and listen to the shrieking acrimony. But for now? Get your jackets, kids. We're blowing this popstand.


Anonymous said...

I grew up in an area with lots of below-zero weather in the winter. We played outside lots, wearing snow suits and snow pants. We were running around so much that we stayed very warm. It was great fun (and I'm sure my mother was very glad we were outside, using up all of that energy). Your boys will probably be champion builders of snow forts.

Daisy said...

Your kiddos will grow up healthy and happy. No wimps in this family! Dress for the outdoors and go have fun.