Thursday, October 27, 2016

SNL, Take Note

I went to the mechanic in the nearest village today to get my tires rotated*. The guy who owns the place is named Randy. The guy who did the actual work was named Andy.

Randy and Andy, the small-town mechanics. This SNL sketch practically writes itself.

* Everything on my van is now so rusted that A. quite correctly assumed only a hydraulic wrench could get the lug nuts off. And even with that, it still took forever. Plus, there was a muffler bracket that was loose and rattling around irritatingly. I asked them to see if they could weld it back together or something. Randy told me it was rusted through, but that the rust had also basically fused the muffler together, so the bracket was unnecessary at this point. He just cut it right off for me. Randy and Andy are obviously the right mechanics for my old mess of a vehicle.


Drew @ Cook Like Your Grandmother said...

And Mike Meyers rolls up and asks, "Are you Randy, baby?"

Anonymous said...