Sunday, October 30, 2016

Why I Don't Do Meal Planning*

****WARNING: Dead animal photos ahead****

Because sometimes, dinner is caught accidentally in a trap and proudly borne home to me by my mighty mini-trappers.

This is a snowshoe hare that very unluckily for it walked into a fisher trap A. had set behind our house.

Unluckily for it, but lucky for us. It was delicious.

* Actually I don't do meal planning because I find it irritating to have something I'm supposed to do because it's on a list. I don't take direction well. Even from myself.


mil said...

I am very interested to know how it compared in flavor to cottontails. I imagine it was much bigger and meatier. This one was probably rather young and looks like it would have been very tender. Do you need to borrow the LLBean Game cookbook??

Kristin @ Going Country said...

It was pretty young, I think. I wouldn't say it was notably tender, though I braised it until it was easy enough to get off the bone. I cooked it "hunter's style" according to our Spain cookbook, which meant in a tomato sauce with ham (of course tomato and ham--Spain and all). The flavor was good. There was enough for all the boys to have one piece. They all liked it, even Charlie. Win.