Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Winter Travel

Unless you're going on a tropical vacation in the winter, packing for winter travel involves a whole lot of stuffing overly-puffy outdoor apparel in a too-small suitcase.

You may also enjoy the background shenanigans that is A. trying to watch Cheap Truck Challenge on the computer with all three boys using him as a jungle gym.* 

In addition, A. spent five straight hours shoveling this morning so we could actually drive our car out of our driveway to get to Blackrock for Thanksgiving. 

I'm sure the pies will be worth it, though.

P.S. This is the view from my kitchen. In case you were wondering what my perspective is in this house, it is this. The view from the kitchen, my permanent station.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful place...good you can enjoy being "with" the family while "kitchening".
Happy Thanksgiving to you guys. I am thankful for you blogging, it is fine entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I "second" that comment. I so enjoy your stories, your wonderful writing, the pictures; it's a chance to enjoy a life that seems wonderful but also a little tricky sometimes. Have a great and safe trip! Happy Thanksgiving.

Daisy said...

It might be harder to pack for a vacation that spans several climates. Leave in a snowstorm, go someplace balmy, return through middle weather states - ugh.