Friday, December 30, 2016

'Tis the Season for Improvised Weaponry

Actually, it's always the season for creative weaponry around here, it's just that--thanks to generous gift-giving relatives--now there are more things to get inventive with. Which means more things to fight with (and, of course, fight over.)

First, we have kazoos. My mother very kindly bought one for each boy. Although they are excellent for interminable kazoo renditions of "The Twelve Days of Christmas," they can also be attached to form either a battleship or a sword, depending on how menacing you want to be.

Jack's taking careful notes for his future weapons manufacturing.

And then there's the set of pieces resembling giant Tinker Toys that's supposed to be for building forts, but has so far only been used to make enormous starships and various lances and swords.

They look kind of cool, until they start flying around, at which point they're a danger to eyes everywhere.

It's so nice to see them exercising their creativity.



tu mere said...

So what's worse, kazoos used for sound or to make weapons? I'd go with sound. For the boys, it's too complicated to try and follow directions to build something suggested on a box. A lot easier to just make something you really want - a weapon. See, you should have just started them out with toy guns and stuff as young'uns, then they wouldn't feel deprived. OK, that's a totally erroneous statement, but fun to say with "young'uns" included!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should get all three googles to protect those eyes. They might enjoy that! Mary in MN