Sunday, January 1, 2017

Health, Wealth, and Happiness Coming at You

Not that my children need any more wealth. Those kids are absolutely loaded down with Star Wars toys (thanks, Nana and Baca!), animal toys (thanks again, Nana and Baca!), building toys (thanks, sis and fam!), monster trucks and rad trucker wallets with chains* (thanks, Grandpa!).

Everyone is now peacefully playing with various gifts and there's a pork roast in the oven, black-eyed peas on the stove (I went with dried this year instead of canned, which I'm sure will please my mother), and beet greens thawing on the counter.

I knew I would be glad I harvested those beet greens when I had the chance.

And this year, no one is hunched over a vomit bowl or curled up in bed.

2017 is looking good so far.

* I was not aware of the existence of trucker wallets (kind of like this), but as soon as the kids opened theirs, A. grabbed them and was all, "Trucker wallets! Awesome! I wish I had one." So I guess this is a boy thing.


Anonymous said...

Health, Wealth, and Happiness to you too! And, perhaps a trucker wallet in the future for A. Of course, I have a friend who had one and got the chain hooked in the chair at the movie theater and couldn't get out, but that's another story. Mary in MN

Anonymous said...

Let's say Adam's trucker wallet chain got stuck in the seat at the movie theater...I imagine the seat would be coming out the door with him. :) B.