Monday, January 9, 2017

Then There Was One

Charlie's first day of school today required me to go with him for an orientation/open house thing for the families for an hour or so before we left them to it.

A. had to leave this morning for Blackrock, so it was just me and Jack to take Charlie. It was 8 degrees below zero when we left for the school. So by the the time I got the van started to warm it up, everyone dressed, and the backpack on the school kid, I only had time for one very rushed photo. Which is totally blurry and useless because Charlie was mostly concerned that his cool new backpack be in it:

It is a pretty nice backpack.

We made it to the school right on time. His teacher is very sweet, and Charlie didn't seem to have any hesitation about racing to the front of the pack and leaving me behind with Jack when we went on a school tour with the whole group.

Jack was the only younger sibling present, which meant the other parents spent a lot of time watching me corral him in attempts to keep him with the group and not, say, stopping at all the fascinating water fountains or making an unscheduled visit to the computer lab.

Most of the other parents also took photos at some point. I forgot both my camera and phone, so I fail at that.

When it was time for Jack and me to leave, I gave a disinterested Charlie a high five, pulled a reluctant Jack away from the toys, and left.

There was remarkably little drama involved. I can only hope it stays that way. (Unlike his previous school experience.)

Tomorrow he gets to start riding the bus with Cubby. The good times just keep coming.


tu mere said...

So Charlie. Fingers crossed that, although the interest will fade, the daily bus rides with big brother will help. Amazing you even got out and arriving on time was spectacular. You rock! Sounds like it was fun for Jack as well. Taking everything one day at a time, right?

Daisy said...

Good luck for you - and for Charlie, too!