Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Romance Report

Well, we kicked off Valentine's Day by pushing A. out the door at 4 a.m. so he could make the five-hour drive to Blackrock with the dog in tow.

Okay, I didn't really push him. He went voluntarily, because he has a court appearance in that county today. I even got up to offer a mumbled "Happy Valentine's Day," and a limp hug before I stumbled back to bed.

I know. My devotion is really inspiring.

He has the dog with him because we're leaving Saturday for a week in Arizona (!), so Mia is going to stay with the MiL and Sky while we're gone. As irritating as old dog Mia finds Sky's relentless energy and attempts to play, she'll be much happier there than in a boarding kennel.

Cubby and Charlie have Valentine's Day parties in their respective classes today. Thankfully, I am not on the hook for any required treats for these parties, but I did, of course, have to provide the Valentine's Day cards for all the classmates. When I surveyed my choices at the grocery store, I found that my only non-branded option were cards that can be folded into paper airplanes. Since I have Big Issues with branded children's anything, I could not bring myself to buy anything with Barbie or Ninja Turtles on it. So airplanes it is!

When I opened the boxes last night so Cubby could write the names on them (and I could do Charlie's), I looked at the instructions and realized I am NOT going to be beloved of any parent who has to fold these things for their kid. They're all, "Fold A vertically to B, Fold B left to C" and on and on for an entire page.

Sorry, parents.

A. did one for Cubby and Charlie, and they are pretty good planes. If you can manage to follow all the directions.

Really, though, my only hope for today is that Cubby and Charlie actually GO to school. Charlie has been sick with a mysterious malaise for two days now, Jack woke up yesterday covered in vomit, and Cubby was complaining last night at bedtime that his stomach hurt. So if no one is throwing up today and the two older ones go to school, I'll consider the day a success.

Happy Valentine's Day, my lovelies! Doing anything fun to celebrate?


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day to the 1/2 Blackrock clan !
Have you found a butcher where you can order a brisket?

Anonymous said...

Wow--it's enough to make you afraid to open their bedroom doors in the morning. I'm thinking... Hope they soon felt better.