Saturday, March 4, 2017

Almost Famous

I was at the village library today picking up some held books when a lady I know only by sight came in and exclaimed, "Hey, I saw your kids in the paper!"

Say what?

Turns out that yesterday when I was with Charlie at the pediatrician and A. was with the other two kids at the library in the Big Village (conveniently across the street from the pediatrician's office), a reporter from the paper took a picture of Cubby and Jack playing in the kids' room. It was on the front page today. The caption noted, "Their father sat nearby, keeping an eye on them while reading a book on Adirondack deer hunting."

Sounds about right.

A. even had a quote in the caption--a thrilling, "They have a good collection."--but he neglected to mention this whole thing to me, so I was very surprised to see Cubby and Jack on the front page of the paper.

Of course, the reporter spelled our last name wrong, even though A. actually wrote it down for him. Dutch names are too confounding up here in French-Canadian country, I guess.

Good thing I went to the library today. Otherwise I would have missed our family's five minutes of fame entirely.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think one of these days all your boys will be famous in one way or another.
Can't you just see Daniel Cubby Boone finding a lost child in the back country and bear tamer.
Charlie the world famous chef.
Jack barrister/president of the U.S.
And you guys the proud parents of them all.