Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Breakfast Gamble

If all three boys disappear downstairs with cardboard swords for a great battle while I'm making my breakfast, the question is: Will I have time to finish cooking it and actually eat it in peace before someone comes screaming upstairs because he got poked in the eye?

This morning I got lucky. There were no casualties before I finished my eggs, which meant I got to eat sitting down at the table with no one hanging on my chair whining for my food, demanding arbitration for an acrimonious dispute involving the mini-Transformer, or requesting food for himself.

On this, the third straight snow day off from school, I'll take all the unexpected moments of peace I can get.


tu mere mere said...

So happy that A. has been around for all the snow duties, although your shoveling for Mia is commendable. Life's pleasures can be so simple sometimes, especially with a house full of boys and many no school snow days. Every time your Dad's phone would ring from the school I'd totally feel your pain. Spring's just around the corner - right?

Anonymous said...

You were getting spoiled just having Jack there.
The husband here wanted you to know he planted
potatoes yesterday.
Southern Indiana