Saturday, April 8, 2017

Ain't This a Kick in the Head

Spring on the Canadian border looks an awful lot like . . . winter.

All you can do is laugh. Possibly until you cry.

Not to worry. Seventy degrees coming our way on Monday. Take that, stupid snow.


Anonymous said...

Did the preschool kids go to the movie? Did the teachers survive the experience?

Kristin @ Going Country said...

They did. The best part, according to Charlie, was the popcorn, M&Ms, and lemonade they got as a snack at the theater. Next time they should skip the bus ride and the movie and just give them junk food at school.

I didn't see the teachers, but I assume they survived. I didn't hear anything to the contrary from Charlie, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that a field trip to the movies would only be a field trip to a kid who got to enjoy the outdoors and nature every day . Because a regular field trip to the zoo or cave or things nature related are day to day things to your kids.

tu mere mere said...

At least we can see the car. Won't ever forget the snow plow picture, until next year I guess.