Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Of Fried Chicken and Unseasonable Heat

For various reasons, A. decided not to do his big fried chicken adventure on Mother's Day. So he did it yesterday instead. And it was definitely an Event.

There was a cutting up of a whole chicken, which then resulted in me making chicken stock with the leftover bits and then chicken salad with the resulting bits of meat from the stock making. There was brining. There was shaking with cornstarch, coating with buttermilk, and dredging in cornmeal*. And then there was the frying. In two pints of lard.

And after all that, there was the straining of the lard so it can be saved, filling the dog's bowl with all the miscellaneous greasy residue, and the dishes.

A. did the dishes. Good man.

It was really good chicken. Everyone enjoyed it. Well, except for Charlie, who objected to the crunchiness of the cornmeal coating and required removal of said coating before he would eat his drumstick.

Good old Charlie.

But was it worth it? Eh. Maybe if you're really into fried chicken. A. is, so he thought it was worth it. I'm not, so I certainly wouldn't do it again. Then again, it's really A. doing it--with some assistance from me in actually finding and assembling all the ingredients and equipment--so I guess he can have at it. Especially if he does the dishes.

I kind of wish he had made more, though, so we could have the leftovers for dinner tonight. Then I wouldn't have to cook. It's going to be 80 degrees, and I don't want to turn on the oven or stove.

I know. That's not exactly Georgia in July weather--and thank God for that, because I would just die--but it's hot for us. We could turn on the air conditioner, I suppose, but that seems sort of frivolous in May.

Maybe I'll just make some tuna salad and call it a meal.

It's really too bad we don't have any fried chicken left, though . . .

* We used this recipe, which definitely worked, but was also a pain in the ass. Both outcomes were expected, because it's from America's Test Kitchen.


tu mere said...

I agree. With all that effort, two chickens would have been great. Actually, left over fried chicken is really the only type cooked chicken I'll eat the day after, without some sort of sauce involved.

80 is really hot for y'all. You obviously live in a cold climate, as evidenced by your thought that air conditioning would be frivolous. A treat is good sometimes, especially in your "delicate" condition.

Mary Wallace said...

Ha, Ha. I completely agree with your asterisk.

mil said...

We were about 90 yesterday, and the house was absolutely schizoid. Walking into the dining room from outside was like walking into a beer cooler--but upstairs had heated up considerably (but still not unbearably). Definite temperature zones!

Anonymous said...

OK, you all need to stop even mildly complaining about the weather. We are stuck rain, hail, for days. The whole family was going to see the Twins play on Saturday, even rented a "suite" but the forecast says it will be a washout. We will never get all 16 people together for the makeup game. Mary in MN