Wednesday, July 5, 2017

One Reason Among Many I Love Having a Garden

Yesterday I went into the vegetable garden to water some volunteer tomato plants we had recently transplanted to a better spot, and a couple of basil seedlings that I FIIIIIINALLY got in the ground. While I was out there, I thinned a few carrots and also yanked a couple of kohlrabi plants that were starting to bulb but were too close together.

Cubby had come with me to inspect his own tomato plant, and when he saw the tiny carrots and junior kohlrabi* I was holding, he asked, "Can I have those so we can have a feast in our fort?"

Well, I guess if you want to bring fresh vegetables into your hideaway under the spruce trees and I won't be seeing you for many minutes while you also consume the best possible vitamins and minerals money can't buy, it's all right with me. Twist my arm.

I could have made their feast complete by letting them harvest some of the peas that are almost ready, but I'll save that exciting treat for another day.

You want kids to eat their vegetables? Let them loose in a vegetable garden. Works every time.

* I did save one kohlrabi for myself--over Cubby's objections--because man, I do love fresh kohlrabi. And I'm treating the leaves of the kohlrabi the same as the radish greens: clean them and cook them immediately. Even those few plants I pulled yielded a couple of servings of cooked greens to go with my eggs tomorrow. Bonus.


tu mere said...

That's how all your kids keep their lean physique. No twinkies and mountain dew for your crew!

I'm thinking back to sitting many hours behind trees with sticks as weapons, random forrest discards placed strategically as camouflage, and carrots as treats, waiting for wildlife. Can always count on good times with good food with all of y'all!

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Nope, no Twinkies and Mountain Dew. Although a box of Thin Mint ice cream sandwiches did end up in our cart today when I took all three of them to the grocery store with me. So, you know, it's not all kohlrabi and carrots around here all the time. Because that would be no fun at all.