Thursday, August 3, 2017

Back in the Ring for Another Round

Last night we began the transition for Jack to sleep not only not in his crib for the first time ever, but also in his brothers' room.

That's right. Three man cubs. One cave. Complete insanity.

And by "began the transition," I mean that A. took Cubby's and Charlie's bedframes out of their room, chucked three mattresses on the floor, and left them to it.

That was not altogether successful.

Finally, at 10 p.m., I entered the fray to sit on the floor at the foot of Jack's mattress, sing a few lullabies, and quell them with my very presence until they fell asleep.

My foot was also asleep by the time they fell asleep, but hey! At least none of my teeth got knocked loose!

By the third kid, expectations are kept niiiiice and low.

Wish us luck in our continuing re-education. We're gonna need it.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe try the tent in the middle of the room and as they get tired of sleeping in it they will move to the more comfortable less cramped mattresses.