Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Alpha and the Omega

In the beginning, there were microgreens. And in the end . . .

Fancy-pants: Fall Edition

There's a serious rain and windstorm coming our way tonight, so A. took advantage of the sunny and warm weather today to more or less pull out the rest of the garden.

With the dubious help of his minions, of course.

I was not helping, as I was busy in the house with this one:

Phbbbt on your microgreens, says Poppy. Gimme more milk.

The microgreens are from the salad greens and arugula A. planted a month or so ago. There really hasn't been enough sun on the garden at this time of year for them to grow much, so he decided to just cut them at the micro stage.

He also filled a box with tomatoes in various stages of ripeness, meanwhile congratulating himself (and justifiably so) on building the woodchuck greenhouse so he can be harvesting the last of the tomatoes in late October.

The remaining few beets came out, too, leaving only the collard greens in the garden. A. keeps asking me if he can pull those out, but I refuse to let him. Collard greens taste better after it gets cold. And anyway, they can handle a lot of cold weather out in the garden, where it's much easier to store them than in my refrigerator.

So collard greens and the garlic (also planted by A.) in the garden; tomatoes, microgreens, and beets in the house. Thus ends Gardening Season 2017.

A round of applause for A., a reluctant but successful gardener who ensured my winter's supply of Finny's sauce. He done good.


Anonymous said...

Way to go A.! Applause from here.

Daisy said...

Yep, he done good.
I moved my herb containers indoors a few days ago, along with some tomato plants in containers. These were late volunteer tomatoes that popped up in odd places, so I put them in containers. We'll see how they do indoors. I'll see if my bunny decides to nibble on them! She once nibble a pot of oregano all the way down to soil level. Silly rabbit.

tu mere said...

Can't believe I'm saying it, since I'm still recovering from the cold, but sure wish I was there! And, aw, such big, beautiful baby blues to go with such a wonderfully helpful tongue. All's good!