Monday, November 20, 2017

And On That Note . . .

We did a lot of stuff this weekend. Cubby and Charlie received awards at a school assembly for their "Can Do Attitudes".* Poppy was baptized. And A. and I got married. Long, loooong story. I'll tell it soon.

Anyway. Lots of stuff happened. My parents were here for all of it, and my dad took pictures.

And then I didn't write about it. Again.

I'll try to do that this week when I get the pictures from my dad. But considering I found A. sitting in the living room drinking tea at 3:45 this morning because he came down with a nasty cold, and that Poppy is coughing and snuffling with what I must assume is the same cold, and that we're supposed to leave for Blackrock on Wednesday morning, it might be awhile.

Just cross your fingers for me that no one else gets sick, okay? Okay.

* I'm sure I'm not the only one with children who seem to be Dr. Jekylls at school but morph into Mr. Hydes at home. I'm always just glad that at least they can behave themselves in public. Usually.


Anonymous said...

YAY for Cubby & Charlie! Can't wait to read more about your exciting weekend. Hope you all have a great holiday! (Hopefully, no one else will get sick!!!)


flask said...

i want to hear more about that got married story.

and yeah, you're not the only one with that kind of kids. my friend shirley had these lovely polite responsible sons who were regular sullen teens at home.

when she spoke to them about it, they reminded her that she had impressed upon them how to behave in public and that they were still young and practicing and IT'S HARD TO BE THAT GOOD KID and could she please give them some space?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if your story is like ours. We went to get our second daughter baptized and our priest refused to do it until we were married in the church. He even made us do premarital counseling! After 8 years of marriage and two kids, that was the last thing I wanted to pay a babysitter for so we could go to premarital counseling. Made me feel good that we aced all the tests.

Daisy said...

Jekyll and Hyde, indeed. I've made many (teacher) calls to families, telling them how well their children behave, and then reminding them that they see the worst because their kiddos know instinctively that their parents' unconditional love...blah, blah, blah.
I made many of those calls until a mom jumped in with "Yeah, right. This is getting old, real fast." Oh, well. At least I got to see the best of these kids at school.