Tuesday, November 28, 2017

North Country Spectacles

When we were at Blackrock for Thanksgiving, A. went hunting and shot a small doe. He hung it in the shed while we were there, but when it came time to go home . . .

Yeah. This is literally how we roll.

I kept forgetting we had a dead, gutted deer on top of our car, though I definitely remembered when we were in the big village closest to home and I saw a lady in the car next to us take a picture of it.

"I think someone just took a picture of our car," I said to A. incredulously.

"Great," he said. "We're going to be on someone's Instagram. I hope she got the four kids and enormous dog inside the car, too."

I guess it's nice to provide the local color for visitors to the north.

Then again, I was sorely tempted to take a picture myself of local color yesterday when I took Poppy to the pediatrician for a check-up and walked into the office's entry to be confronted with a big pile of firewood.

The kids' pediatrician has his office on the ground floor of an enormous old house, and lives on the top floor. Gotta have that firewood handy. It gets cold 'round these parts.

It's all about survival in the frozen north. Firewood and dead deer included.


tu mere said...

Glad to hear the trip was a hunting success. Since the dear was small, it's good the beef is also in the freezer. Y'all's car really did look so.

sheila said...

Now you have freeze dried venison from the windy car ride home.

Daisy said...

But did you smile for the camera?

Anonymous said...

We LOVE it.
Maybe the pediatrician trades his services for the firewood. YES.
Good times, fun living...oh the stories. It all sounds wonderful .

Amber said...

LOL, loved this!