Thursday, January 11, 2018

What Love Looks Like

Yesterday, it looked like A. stopping, unasked, in the middle of his 250-mile drive home from Blackrock to get me lettuce at the incredible produce store that I love but never get to go to. And remembering to get both the red leaf lettuce AND iceberg*, because then when the red leaf lettuce is gone, the iceberg will still be good for awhile.

This is the sort of thing one appreciates when living 25 miles from the nearest source of fresh greens in the winter.

He also got a bag of some sort of new New York State apple variety that claims to be always crisp, because I constantly bitch about the mealy apples I end up with from the store.

Grand gestures of affection are nice, but little acts of consideration are even more important.

* Usually I get romaine, but with the reports of e. coli lately that might or might not be from romaine lettuce, I've been opting out. And A. remembered that, too.


Anonymous said...

A win for A. How sweet!

Anonymous said...

Can you get HoneyCrisp apples back there? They were developed at the University of MN, and I find them never mealy (ick) but sharp and crisp. And, good work, A!

Mary in MN

Anonymous said...

Yes, good for A, and good for you! I have often grown sprouts in Mason jars during the winter when the trips to town are few and far between.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Mary: Oh yes. Honeycrisp apples are nationwide, but they're not consistently available at the small grocery store in the nearest village.

Anonymous: I used to really dislike sprouts as a kid, but I've been considering trying them again now that I'm an adult. They are a good option for fresh in the winter.