Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Aaaaand, BREAK!

Cubby and Charlie have a particularly late spring break this year. Perhaps the administration at their school was delaying in the hopes that there might be some actual spring weather for the break. If that is the case, they succeeded.

Behold, many pictures of my children outside. In short sleeves. It's a springtime miracle.

Although, yes, that is snow behind Jack. It is still the north country, after all.

Overheard during this porch picnic from Cubby: "Now this is what I call living." I hope he's always so easy to please.

Poppy is withholding judgment on her voluminous sunhat. The finger's pretty good, though.

Tiny retirees on the teeter totter. Someone get these kids a stylist.

Please just ignore my finger in the corner and instead marvel at the sheer energy displayed in this picture. And then imagine that energy in real life, all day, every day. That's life with lots of little boys.

The way I'm standing makes this the least flattering photo of me ever taken, but I'm posting it anyway because the mountains (we went to the Adirondacks today) are so pretty. And I need to get over myself.

It's supposed to start raining tonight and continue for most of the rest of the week, but at least we got a little bit of real spring during spring break. We'll take it.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully summer is on a weekend.

Europafox said...

Wow that is some epic backdrop in the background! You must be SO RELEIVED you got a day of sun! The 'this is the life comment' was so sweet, made me chuckle. Love reading your American terms for things too - I wonder when see-saw got replaced by 'teeter-totter', love learning new American-English! :) Hope your weather continues! :) Joanne OXO

tu mere said...

Short sleeves with snow on the ground. Really can't ever move close to us, for all y'all's sake! And yes, it's OK to want to look your best in pictures, especially when you're rarely in them.

Anonymous said...

Hey...There you are with your kiddos running and playing outside on a sunny day, mountains in the distance, and I see smiles...I think it's an awsome picture!