Saturday, June 23, 2018

Here's the Plan

The house is mostly packed up. I even brought most of the stuff out to the barn already, so we can just back the moving truck up to the barn and wheel it all up the ramp. Theoretically. I know there will be a few boxes of randomness that I'm gonna just throw in at the last minute, but hey! I mostly did it, while working around insane end-of-year school craziness and four little kids and all their incessant needs.

Where's my medal?

So here's what's going to happen*.

Today I got all the suitcases packed with the clothes we will need for a month at Blackrock.

Tomorrow morning we're going to get the cars all packed up and ready to go before church. After church is over at noon, we'll come back to the house to pick up the geriatric collie and then hit the road for Blackrock in both our cars.

We'll be at Blackrock until Thursday, during which time I will be packing up yet more things that never made it up to this house.

Early Thursday morning, me, A., and Poppy will leave the boy children with their Grandma and pick up the moving truck to bring it up north, load it, clean the house, and go back to Blackrock on Friday. (That all sounds so simple in that one sentence. It will not be simple.)

At Blackrock, we'll unload the things that belong there (mostly rugs), load up the things I packed from there, and A. will--we hope--leave somewhat early on Saturday to start the drive to New Mexico. Possibly with Cubby along for company.

He'll make a pit stop at my aunt and uncle's house in Wisconsin to pick up some furniture that my grandfather made decades ago and that no one else in the family is using at the moment, and then continue driving until he arrives at our new house.

He and Cubby will unload the truck, then turn around and drive back to New York in the truck, arriving within ten days of picking it up. (This ended up being cheaper than a one-way truck rental and airfare.)

And then, sometime at the end of July, the whole family will drive out to New Mexico together for good.

This is not the most uncomplicated move, but we wouldn't want to make it easy on ourselves or anything.

Okay. You ready for this? Me neither. But the only way out is through, so here we go!

* As if this matters for any of you. But it makes me feel better to write it out.


Anonymous said...

If you write it out, maybe , you won't get lost ...because you will have done it already on paper and in your head.
Godspeed and all that jazz. See ya on the other side or the dark side , at least the other side of the country or the Farside. Wagons hooo.
Beth and Steve

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well!

cheryl soergel said...

Just be safe. Cheryl

Europafox said...

Woah yes where is your medal indeed? You seem to have done all of this so fast? Are you sad at all to leave? Where is Blackrock (it sounds like somewhere some pirates would be going to)?

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Europafox: We are sad to be leaving the people and the community, but definitely not sad to be leaving the winters.

Blackrock is my husband's old lakeside family home in central New York, where we lived before moving north. My mother-in-law still lives there.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a trouble-free trip. Expect the unexpected, however, as that always happens, but perhaps the unexpected will be fun! Mary in MN

Daisy said...

I hope the Wisconsin stop goes smoothly! I don't know if he'll be anywhere near me, but I'll wave or send good vibes in his direction.

Sherry said...

Whoa! I've been away from your blog too long! Didn't realize you are moving cross country! What an adventure that will be with four little ones! Good luck and get back to blogging when you are settled!