Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A Delicate Flower

One thing about me that never fails to amaze A. is how easily I can cut my skin. Of course, he appears to have the skin of a rhinoceros, so his standard is pretty high, but I do seem to have delicate skin.

Case in point: I once managed to draw blood with the small plastic teeth on a Snappi.

I think today's incident is even more ridiculous, however. I was trying to unscrew the top of the canning jar in which I store my sourdough starter. It was difficult, as the starter had dried all around the screw top.

Dried sourdough dough has the consistency of cement, more or less. And apparently, if it dries and then peels up a little bit, it forms a hard little shard capable of piercing a finger. At least, my finger.

Yes, I drew blood with dried dough. 

Who knew baking was a blood sport?


Anonymous said...

Good thing you don't sword fight.

tu mere said...

Hope you were able to salvage the dough; don't think bloodied dough would be tasty.
Would be interested to see if anyone else out there who makes their own sourdough bread has ever experienced the same injury. Can't really count me since I cheat and use a breadmaker. Let's hope this is the first and last time this happens, considering all the bread you need to make!

mil said...
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sheila said...

I cut my toe once with a Rice Krispie that had been soaked with milk and then glued itself to the carpet and dried to a razor sharp edge. I banned my kids from eating cold cereal for years. We became an oatmeal only household. Cheaper and less painful. It was a win for me.