Monday, November 5, 2018

Eavesdroppers Never Hear Anything Good

I was sitting in the bathroom with Poppy last night while she had her bath and overheard the following in the living room:

A.: You guys had better clean that up before Mommy comes out, or she will go ballistic.

Cubby: Yeah, she'll kill us.

Charlie: I'll go distract her.

Immediately after that, Charlie sauntered casually into the bathroom and said, "Oh, hey, Mommy. What are you doing? Poppy sure looks cute in her bath, doesn't she?"

This wasn't distraction enough to keep me from noticing that one of his hands was almost entirely colored green.

Cubby and Jack appeared shortly thereafter. Cubby ratted out Charlie, telling me it was his idea to color the faucet and then turn the water on to see if the water would turn colors.

Because I never keep anything but washable markers in the house, I found this more amusing than enraging, though I did tell them they'd better make sure it was cleaned up.

It was. And now we just have to hope they don't do anything more permanent in this rental house before we move out in a few weeks.

At least life is never dull with them around.


sheila said...

It was a scientific experiment. The hypothesis had to be tested. Smart boy.

Anonymous said...

Usually not good but, when involving one's own children, not infrequently hilarious, especially in a sort of third-person "hey I could post about this" perspective.

Also, I have recently frozen all our markers. Markers are in suspended animation mode until ... well, until I decide they're not.


Kristin @ Going Country said...

Karen: I find the thought of all your markers in the freezer extremely amusing. Was it also you who stashes the excessive candy your kids get in the freezer? That's a multi-purpose freezer.

Anonymous said...

Yes! And the Halloween candy is soon to be (in part) joining the markers! And a whole bunch of steaks, lol.


Gemma's person said...

A little fear is a good thing to keep bad behavior in check.