Monday, April 15, 2019

Many Photos, Few Words

I seem to have been taking a lot of photos lately and then doing nothing with them. And so . . .

It snowed all day on Saturday.

The tulips were brave.

As were our neighbors across the street: the horses and bull.

The boys were thrilled with the enormous snow balls they could roll. This is Cubby.

And this is Jack.

Poppy was slightly less thrilled.

Then yesterday, it was sunny and 70 degrees and all the snow was gone. The boys chopped down two and a half trees.

Because A. told them they could, not because they just went to town with the hatchet. Though I wouldn't put that past them.

Meanwhile, Poppy gave some of the farm animals a bath in a bucket.

Safely out of range of any falling trees.

And that's pretty much it. I think you're all caught up now. Over and out.


Anonymous said...

No need to put away your winter gear, yet...
At least the snow doesn't hang around like when you lived in New York!

tu mere said...

Amazing, especially with the temperature swings. Seems both were great fun for the boys. However, I'm really glad we're back here with a temperature of 86.

mil said...

I was surprised by the tulips; one might think that your gophers would have consumed the bulbs. However, your soil and climate are ideal for bulbs of all sorts; daffodils and crown imperials will repel the evil little critters that like to consume bulbs.

And hurrah for variable weather!