Wednesday, April 8, 2015

So Sorry To Keep You Waiting

What's that? You're* dying to see photos from Easter and can't imagine what's taking me so long to post them? Oh, okay. If I must.

Don't worry--there was a basket for each child. I didn't make them share.

Charlie wasted no time eating his entire chocolate bunny. At 7 a.m. Good thing I got the small hollow ones.

Cubby elected to eat his Cadbury egg first. A good choice, in my opinion.

They found some technicolor eggs and collected them in a very Easter-y metal bowl.

Okay, do I win some kind of crafting award for cutting out totally asymmetrical eggs and adding patterns for the kids to fill in with glitter glue and stickers? Thought so. This was our entire effort at decorating. On our filthy door.

What I do not have photos of:

Cubby and Charlie fishing in the snow with A. and Mr. Jason.

The twenty people that gathered at our house in the afternoon for an Easter dinner that included a pork loin, a ham, and a leg of lamb. You want meat? You come to our house.

The five million dishes the MiL did afterwards.

* By "you," I of course mean "my mother."


Anonymous said...

Looks as if you all had a perfect Easter--except for all those dishes to wash! Mary in MN

tu mere said...

Loved the decorations. A Blackrock Easter tradition is born. I really like the plant in the basket. I know all the kids want is chocolate, but planting for spring is a nice idea, especially in your neck of the woods.

Must be the second child syndrome, as Charlie's excess mimics his cousin's in Phoenix. Guess they both must have taken their dentist's suggestion on candy consumption, better for the teeth to just eat it all. I totally agree, by the way.

Thanks for sharing. Looks like Mother Nature helped with milder temperatures as well. All good!