Monday, April 6, 2015

Delusions of Story Time

I put the older children to bed at 7:30 tonight, as usual. At 8:30, there was ominous thumping upstairs, and then we heard wailing.

I went upstairs to find Charlie sitting up in his bed with a book he had retrieved from the bookshelf in their room. He was crying because he wanted to read a book. It was pitch black in his room and his brother was fast asleep, but he thought it was story time.

Nice try, kid.

I gave him some water and started to tuck him back in, but he stopped me because of pillow problems. Often when he wakes up and cries, he complains that his pillow is wet, and then I have to flip it over. But this time he stopped me, announcing, "I need to solve my pillow problem."

Right. I always encourage independent problem solving.

So after his problem was solved and he was appropriately tucked in, we had an extra goodnight kiss and I left, shaking my head all the while at that crazy Charlie. Charming and entertaining, but definitely crazy.


Anonymous said...

We call that "slow rolling." And even at thirteen years old, it's still happening in our home. Thank god they are charming....

Daisy said...

I love that he wanted a book, despite the poor timing! I spent hours today prepping a handout for parents to explain the value of reading together.