Friday, May 9, 2008

Mystery Guest Number One, Come On Down!

We have a surprise addition to the continuing, interminable, Jesus-Christ-is-this-woman-ever-going-to-stop-talking-about-her-pets? (no), Meet the Family series.

Please to meet Zoe. Zoe is the mother of all the dogs you have met thus far. She was the first collie the MiL ever bought for breeding. Zoe's got all kinds of fancy pedigrees and show prizes, but do not be fooled by the pretty face and affectionate, silly nature--she is a killing machine. When the MiL first brought her home and let her out of the car, Zoe made a beeline for the garden and promptly eliminated a nest full of baby rabbits. Charming, yes?

Oh, but she is charming. She has the sweetest nature of all our dogs. I say "our" even though Zoe doesn't live with us anymore. The MiL's friend's elderly mother (got that?) was looking for a well-behaved older dog for companionship after her dog had died. We were overrun with dogs at that time, since we had three puppies from the most recent litter (one of which has since been sold), plus Leda and Zoe, and all were female, so all were fighting all the damn time. Even though it was sad to let Zoe go, it seemed the best thing for everyone. And it worked out so perfectly. Zoe LOVES being the only dog in a house where she is spoiled and pampered, Dottie (the friend's mother) LOVES Zoe, and frankly, it's a lot easier with only three bitches around here (not counting me).

Zoe is just visiting for a week or so while her adopted mother is on vacation. Last time Zoe stayed with us, it was a little . . . tense. Her coming disturbs the dominance equilibrium of the other dogs, and they tend to get a little threatening. Bitchy little ingrates--no respect for their mother.

But it's nice to have Zoe back nonetheless. She's such an affectionate, uncomplicated, and happy dog, so unlike our other dogs. She's the Pollyanna of dogs. Zoe's always cheery. I suspect she's been inhaling the lilac perfume, too. It's an epidemic.


SaraPMcC said...

Zoe is a beautiful dog!

Anonymous said...

Because Zoe is so cute and I really want to like her, I will pretend those baby rabbits were total jerks and had it coming.